Wake: Chris Oshea "You have to Pay to Play"

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chris Oshea Wrist

It seems every year I find myself with an injury that will put me out of 2 to 3 months. So injury comes with the territory and sometimes you get lucky and other time you don't. This time I'd say it could be better but could be worse. 

Long story short. Last week I was winching a concrete ledge in Melbourne Australia while filming my next video part for http://livesimple.it/. The plan was to ollie onto the ledge and then get off the ledge before a big pole that was in the way. I ollied onto the ledge and my board gripped, I started to go out the front but saved it by letting go of the rope. Sliding right past the pole on the concert, thinking 'man that was almost death', still sliding into a 180 and cart wheeled. That was a enough to brake the scaphoid in my hand. 

The plan from here is to get surgery on Wednesday and I should be back to the states and riding by the start of May. Like I said at the start could be worse but could be better. 

You got to pay to play - Chris O'Shea.

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