Dru Adler

Dru Adler

DOB: 23/09/1978
Hometown: Gold Coast
Nickname: Giant
Years Riding: 27
Sponsors: Jetpilot, DMS Surfboards, Filtrate Eyewear, Maxum Watches, OAM Accessories, Future Fins, Tahitian Noni, Island Tribe Sunscreen, Cobian Sandals
Rides: DMS 6'4
Favourite trick: Rodeo/Barrel
Favourite place to ride: Indo Reefs
Hobbies: Filming, Editing, Photography
Career Highlights: 1st Quiksilver Airshow Gold Coast 2000, 2nd Boost Surfsho (Runner Up to Taj), 2nd Quiksilver Airshow Tasmania 2004, 3rd Boost Surfsho 2008


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