Bottom of the Jetpilot&
Black Flag top deck with traction pad
Showing the fin inserts for the Jetpilot&
Side profile showing the rocker of the Black Flag wake surf
Wake surfer barreling on the Black Flag wake surfer
Dylan Ayala airing off a wake with the black flag wake surf



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The Black Flag was designed with speed, power, and flow in mind.  Any and all levels of surfers will have fun pushing their own personal limits on this board.  Soft, forgiving forward rails and an edgy tail rail, along with the fuller nose, allows for smooth transitions in and out of snaps. Full Innegra/carbon fiber bottom and Technora carbon fiber tail provide solid construction.  Super strong web-fused carbon fiber combines with a natural wood stringer for reinforcement, providing durability for radical riding.  The versatile 5-fin option allows you to ride the Black Flag as a single fin, a twin, thruster, or quad.  With beautiful lines and devilish styling, this board makes a statement.

Dimensions:  Length 4'4'" (132 cm), Width 21" (53 cm), Thickness 2" (5 cm), Volume 21.9 Liters. The 4'4" has high-performance attributes with a middle of the road volume.  We recommend the 4'4" for surfers between 5'2" and 6'0" and up to 190 lbs.

Dimensions:  Length 4'8'" (142 cm), Width 21.5" (54 cm), Thickness 2" (5 cm), Volume 24.9 Liters. The 4'8" caters to wake surfers with a bigger frame and will reasonably float anyone up to 275 lbs.

Important Wake Surfboard Information
Each wake surfboard is handmade. We shape every core, wrap it in fiberglass, and use resin for lightweight strength. We inspect every board before it is shipped. This lightweight, high-performance product is built just like the best surfboards and DOES NOT have a warranty. If you damage or ding your board, it can be repaired just like a surfboard by using a standard surfboard repair kit with Polyester resin.

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