Glass Slipper 52" top deck with traction pad
Bottom of the Jetpilot Glass Slipper 52” wake surfboard
Side profile showing the rocker of the Glass Slipper 52” wake surf
Front view of the Jetpilot 48" Glass Slipper Wake Surfboard
Back view of the Jetpilot 48" Glass Slipper Wake Surfboard
Side view of the Jetpilot 48" Glass Slipper Wake Surfboard



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The Glass Slipper is a great option for a surfer looking for a classic skimboard shape.  This board will perform for a wide range of riders from Beginner Groms to Seasoned Vets.  The lightweight, strong and affordable compression-molded construction is a great all-around board to add to the quiver.  Screw-in foot strap inserts provide the option to strap in for easier learning or complex tricks. The Glass Slipper will offer loads of fun for the whole family!

Dimensions:  Length 52" (132 cm), Width 20.75" (53 cm), Thickness .65" (1.7 cm), Volume 9.8 Liters.

Footstraps sold separately

Important Wake Surfboard Information
Each wake surfboard is handmade. We shape every core, wrap it in fiberglass, and use resin for lightweight strength. We inspect every board before it is shipped. This lightweight, high-performance product is built just like the best surfboards and DOES NOT have a warranty. If you damage or ding your board, it can be repaired just like a surfboard by using a standard surfboard repair kit with Polyester resin.


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