King of Surf Award


 The debut of the new 2020 Jetpilot wake surfboard line comes with a certified stamp of approval from Alliance Wake.  The team at Alliance offers surfers this annual review to help guide them through the overwhelming amount of boards and gear to choose from.  They reach out to brands with credible products and ask them to submit their new 2020 boards for review.  They then find a group of qualified testers to review the boards across an array of categories and styles. 

 Here are the criteria they review:

 On the wave
1. Speed/Drive – how fast it drives towards the swimstep (1 = turtle, 10 = cheetah)
2. Pop – explosiveness off the wave (1 = elephant, 10 = kangaroo)
3. Slash – how it turns on the wave (1 = locked in, 10 = loose)
4. Stays In Wave – how easily it stays in the wave (1 = leg burner, 10 = no effort)
5. Overall Fun Factor – 1 = have ridden better, 10 = now that’s a board!)

 SCORES: For each individual category, they added each score given by the reviewers and averaged them out to give a score out of 10, while the overall scores were all added up to be out of 30. The closer a board got to that top score, the better it performed overall.

 The Jetpilot Dylan Ayala Signature Pro 4’4” received a rating of 27/30, only 1 other board received that high of a review.  Alliance give “stamps of approval” based on general dialogue between the testers and the highest ratings.  They mention it is not something they just “hand out” and that it signifies quality and performance.

 Jetpilot surfboards will be available on and in select retail partner stores around the US starting in January 2020.  The Dylan Ayala Signature Pro will be available April 22nd, 2020.