Jetpilot has been a part of the watercraft racing community since the sport's inception in the 80's. We continue to support athletes and events worldwide. We offer a variety of soft goods for recreational and competitive PWC enthusiasts including vests, wetsuits, gloves, and footwear. Our goal remains to make high-quality, innovative products to keep you safe and supported on the water.


There are a select few riders that push the limits of their equipment in the ocean surf. Performing tricks in an ever-changing environment under often heavy conditions is the extreme of the sport. Riders need equipment they can rely on in these conditions, and our goal is to keep them safe and warm.


Aerialists! Freestyle riding consists of single competitors performing routines with extremely complicated maneuvers in a short period of time. There are a select few riders that push the limits to provide show-stopping action. Our products help provide support and safety while under high-performance tricks.


Jetpilot has been involved in the wakeboarding community since the early days of the sport. We have supported and sponsored athletes and events worldwide for many years. We are driven by a passion to make vests and wetsuits that provide a high level of performance and safety, so riders can simply focus on enjoying their time on the water.


A relatively new sport on the water has exploded over the last few years, with boat manufacturers making bigger and better waves. The awesome thing about this sport is that the entire family can enjoy time behind the boat in a safe and slower-paced environment (compared to wakeboarding, tubing, or skiing). We make high-quality, hand-crafted surfboards for every range of riders.


Your time on the water should be free of worries and open to exploration. We are simply here to offer products that keep you safe and protected, no matter what activity you are passionate about. Our products can also be used for water skiing, tubing, or simply cruising on a boat or PWC.