JetPilot offers a FREE WARRANTY on materials and workmanship from date of original purchase from an authorized JetPilot dealer as refer to Table1

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Table 1

Product Category Warranty Period*
Accessories 90-DAY
Vests / PFDs / Dogs’ PFDs 1-YEAR
Wetsuits 1-YEAR

* Warranty starts from date of purchase


When cleaning a JetPilot wetsuit, personal flotation device (PFD), comp jacket, gloves and booties, hand wash them in cool, fresh water and hang to air dry, out of direct sunlight, after every use. NEVER put your suit in a washing machine or dryer (not even tumble dry). This will cause your suit to shrink and stiffen. Avoid exposure to harsh detergents or chemicals. Chlorine and sunlight will cause fading to fabric. Do not use excessive force when putting on or removing your wetsuit. Avoid contact with sharp objects and abrasive surfaces.

- Alterations

- Materials over 1-YEAR from date of original purchase for Vests/PFDs/Dogs’ PFDs/Wetsuits or over 90-DAY for accessories or others (See Table 1)

- Repairs or alterations done by any party other than JetPilot representative or authorized repair facility

- Fading from sunlight

- Staining on objects, surface tops due to improper care/handling of the wetsuit after use (See CARE AND MAINTENANCE Section above)

- Products classified as seconds

- Damages due to misuse or abuse

- Damages from transportation, incidental, or consequential use

- Fabric delamination caused by improper care and maintenance

- Use of direct sunlight and/or clothes dryer for drying purposes

- Improper fit caused by incorrect wetsuit size

- Warranty request without ORIGINAL RECEIPT

- Each wake surfboard is handmade. We shape every core, wrap it in fiberglass, and use resin for lightweight strength. We inspect every board before it is shipped. This lightweight, high-performance product is built just like the best surfboards and DOES NOT have a warranty. If you damage or ding your board, it can be repaired just like a surfboard by using a standard surfboard repair kit with Polyester resin

If you are having issues with our product and would like to make a warranty claim, whether you purchased it from our website, Amazon store, or one of our authorized sellers, please email info@jetpilot.com with soft copies of required supporting documents (i.e. picture of the defect & proof of purchase). NO WARRANTY REPAIR WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT ORIGINAL RECEIPT.

Products needing repair must be returned to the designated location specified by our customer service team (i.e. place of purchase, or other authorized JetPilot dealer). DO NOT return any products to the place of purchase or authorized dealer before contacting our customer service team.

JetPilot reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to repair or replace any Products deemed acceptable by JetPilot for a warranty claim. If returning for REPAIR, all neoprene products must be CLEAN and DRY.

Parties requiring repair are responsible for any charges sustained in getting the products to us for inspection, and also assume responsibility for any damages incurred during transport. If shipping via a common carrier, we recommend extensive padding around the products as well as purchasing insurance for the package.

For refund / exchange policy, please refer to the store where the product was purchased.


Customer Service Hotline (USA): 1-800-678-7873

Email: info@jetpilot.com